What will 2018 Bring for your Content Strategy?

Things move fast in the world of content, as a result we’re already looking forward to what 2018 will bring. Content strategy can change for a number of reasons, we’re looking into our crystal ball to find out what will affect this in the coming year.

Authentic and Trustworthy Content

More and more, search engines are placing an emphasis on content that’s written to be read – not just to rank for keywords. The content that you plan within your content strategy should be topics that show you to be an expert.

This means you should pick topics that you can write about in an authentic and hierarchical way. This will become ever more important in the coming year, as search engines become ever more adept at judging the quality of content.

More Conversational Content

As voice search becomes more prevalent, conversational content will become more prevalent too. Titles and tone will change in order to appeal to these users and appear in the rankings. The way we search is changing and the content that ranks well will also change as a result.

Users search in a different way through voice search, as you probably know yourself. These users don’t type out all of the words in a structured sentence, the same way that those typing their query do. For this reason, the content that is pulled up with a voice search is structured in a different way to that reference in a typed search.

Set Out New KPIs

If you’re changing your strategy, then you’ll also want to be changing the deliverables that you’re looking for too. Setting out your new KPIs to assess your strategy will allow you to figure out if it’s working or what you could do to improve this further. The KPIs that you have may be different depending on your business, some people may be happy with new visitors to the site whereas others may want sales.

If you don’t set these out then you won’t be as well placed to figure out what you could do to reach your goals if you’re not doing so already.

Invest in your Content Strategy

For many businesses, a content strategy is a smaller facet of the business that doesn’t get as much resources dedicated to it than other advertising methods. In 2018, it’s a great idea to at least experiment with giving this advertising method more onus with further investment. This could be an investment of your time, writing the content, or money.

Many people don’t believe that a content strategy can be as effective as paid media, but with the right resources it can bring a much larger ROI.

Distribution Methods

The more ways you can distribute your content, the better! In 2018, you should be trying out new ways to get your content out there, whether that’s via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or an entirely new social platform. Social signals will impact how easily your content is found, so ensure that you give it a chance by sharing it effectively.

For help with your content strategy in 2018, contact us. At Crystal Content, we specialise in getting your business noticed online for all the right reasons.

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