Search Engine Optimisation

The power of Google is staggering. It is a major influence on most company’s digital marketing efforts due to its ability to dictate the overall visibility of a website. Understanding search engine optimisation and the role it plays within our digital marketing efforts is one the fundamental services we offer as an agency. 

In 2015 mobile searches finally surpassed desktop searches and subsequently many organisations are having to re-think their digital marketing strategies. SEO can have a major impact on the overall ease in which an individual can locate your website and is a key digital marketing strategy that is effective at driving traffic if utilised correctly. 

We achieve this by optimising your website so that it is considerably more likely to rank higher on a search engines search results. We do this organically by altering the content of the site so that it ranks higher and becomes more visible on Google and other search engines when consumers search for the products or services that your website offers. To simplify it further, we take a look at your website and make alterations so that it rises through Google’s ranks to come as close to the top spot as possible.


Here at Crystal Content we have a proven track record of delivering successful SEO campaigns for our clients that substantially increase the visibility of their sites which in turn results in more traffic and a higher conversion of leads into customers

With over 3.5 billion daily searches on Google, the benefits of appearing on the top page speak for themselves.  Do you want to know what your SEO score is? Contact us for a free SEO audit! 


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