Email Marketing

Email marketing can be very effective if done right. However it can be very easy to get it wrong. Luckily for our clients we have great experience setting up quality email marketing campaigns to ensure that the emails you are distributing are relevant to your target audience.

We love a good statistic here at Crystal Content and a recent study showed that 66% of consumers have made a direct purchase as a result of being exposed to an email marketing message. This reinforces our belief that if done right, email marketing can be a pretty powerful addition to your digital marketing strategy.

At Crystal Content we create email marketing solutions that fit your needs. We are as flexible as you need us to be with us having the resources to set up and manage the campaign on your behalf or we can teach you how to run it yourself. The choice is yours!


Benefits of Email Marketing

Our email marketing service covers many aspects including campaign creation, search & filtering, send testing, importing & exporting of data, list management, content & image editing and many more. Our overarching aim is to create a campaign that will persuade potential and existing customers into a call to action. 

Overall an email marketing campaign can tick a number of boxes. Generally an email marketing campaign is an effective reminder to a customer – past or present – that your product or service is still available on the market. You can reinforce your products features and benefits as well as communicate any new products or services you may be launching into the marketplace. Furthermore email marketing campaigns offer a decent return on investment due to their low cost and are simple enough to create and can be easily tracked as well as analysed to successfully monitor their progress over time. 

Offering incentives for your customers in exchange for their email address is the key to growing your email list and here at Crystal Content we love an email campaign that is optimised to its full potential by being viable on more than one platform. For example there are more opportunities for the campaign if it is optimised for mobile technology as you can reach a wider target audience at one time. 

If you think an email marketing campaign might be of benefit to your organisation or you simply wish to discuss how you can improve your current email marketing efforts, get in touch and we can help! 


Get in touch and we will offer a free consultation on how you can generate more leads for your business. Alternatively, give us a call on 0141 248 2141