How Tangential Content can Help your Business Stand out

If you struggle to think of ideas for your blog, then you might need to think outside the box. Tangential content is a way to link your product or service to a popular trend, in order to make it more appealing for the user.

Join us as we take you through how this kind of content can boost your exposure.

Examples of Tangential Content

Let’s start off by making it clear what this kind of content is. If your business was something like a trade, then you might struggle to think of topics, beyond just extoling the virtues of a good tradesman. This content can become dry and repetitive, for both yourself and your user.

Instead, try to think about things that are tangentially related to what you do that will actually interest your user. For the example above, this could be a blog on the latest trends in kitchen design, ways to add value to your home or top ways to prepare for your next big project. These are related to what you do and won’t confuse users, but will give a new spin on the trade that you practice.

What are the Benefits?

This kind of content is a lot more relatable and interesting to your user, so they’ll be more likely to actually read it. It creates more of a connection with the user that will mean that they’re more likely to click through to your site and even convert. Think about the kind of articles that you read, are they drier or do you prefer ones that offer a new spin?

These kinds of articles are also a lot more shareable and have an impact on social media. This means more people sharing and seeing your content all over these platforms. People want to see relaxed and interesting content, not just a dry take on the same old, same old topics.

A diverse range of content on your site will do a lot more for you than more of the same. This is true for search engines and for social media, which will both grant you a lot of extra exposure.

How to Create Topics

The best way to think of topics for this kind of content is to think about your ideal user. These are the people that you really want on your site, so you need to create content that they want to see too. Would your user be interested in a top ten list or would they prefer a more clickbait style article?

Thinking outside the box and coming up with unique ideas are great for users and conversions. This is your chance to tell your user about your brand and come up with a way to portray what you want them to see.

When you do create tangential content, you’ll want to go ahead and test it out. Post it across social media and then work out whether your users are interacting with it. If so, you’re on the right track. If you’re getting a lot of engagements and visitors, but not as many conversions then you might need to refine your strategy even further.

There are lots of types of content out there that you can use to keep things exciting for your visitors. If you need help with a content strategy that works, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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