Signs of a Great SEO Agency

Not all business owners know how to boost their website’s ranking and that is why many enlist the help of an SEO agency. Of course, finding the right agency is key as different agencies will offer different services. Here at Crystal Content, we offer a range of services across the digital marketing mix and beyond but for something a little different we thought we would discuss a few signs that your chosen agency is up to scratch. Overall, there are a few key signs that the agency that you have chosen is a good one.



Sometimes you just have to just tell it how it is. Our Digital Marketing Glasgow service wouldn’t be any use to our clients if we didn’t offer them an honest and transparent review of their digital marketing activities. A great SEO agency will conduct an independent audit of your SEO efforts and quite simply tell you whether your strategy is working or not.

Every now and then the hard truths have to be told and if you have an ineffective strategy then your chosen SEO agency should be willing to highlight this and guide you in the right direction. Indeed, if an agency does not show you exactly what they are doing or offer you regular reports then their methods could be outdated or even sketchy. Transparency is key here.


Contractual Obligations

Some businesses simply require the services of an agency on an ad-hoc basis and those that use long-term contracts that don’t benefit the client fully should be avoided. For example, at Crystal Content, we simply work with you for as little or as long as you require us with our Digital Marketing Glasgow service completely tailored to suit your business’s needs. Something could be amiss if an agency tries to tie you up for 24 months so make sure you’re comfortable with every little detail before you sign on that dotted line.


Previous Campaigns

A great agency should want to show off their previous work. It really is that simple. They will offer you plenty of information and tangible evidence on their past achievements. Ask for hard data that proves that they have physically elevated their clients to higher rankings in competitive environments before you enter a contractual obligation. This also relates to the points that we have raised with regards to transparency. If an agency is transparent, then they will have no issues showing you some of their previous work.


Overall Google Ranking

Of course, there is every chance that you are looking to hire an agency to help you rise up those coveted Google ranks but what about the agency itself? How do they match up on Google? If their own business doesn’t even rank highly then this could be a sign that they might not be much use to you. For example, you could search for the agency and their location to determine how high up they are on Google. For us, it would be Digital Marketing Glasgow or “SEO Glasgow”. This will at least give you some indication as to the agency’s effectiveness.

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