As a marketing agency we understand that privacy is extremely important. At Crystal Content we have a transparent and comprehensive policy in place to ensure you are kept aware of how your information will be used and stored

You are not obliged to give us any information at Crystal Content, however if you are looking for a consultation or a copy of our media package then we usually require the following information:

First name
Last name
Email address
Contact number
Company name

We ask for this information specifically so we can contact you to discuss any concerns or queries you may have about our services. If you request our guide we will also add your email address to our database, which we will use to contact you occasionally about any offers or updates to our website.

Please be aware we reserve the right to alter or update this privacy policy in any way and at any time. We will notify our users in advance should we proceed to make a change.

Should our privacy policy at any time breach our terms and conditions or is you feel that it is in any way inappropriate, then we will return to the privacy policy where the data was originally collected in the first place.


In order to access some of the more interactive elements on our website, we may use ‘cookies’. These will never store nor provide access to any of your personal information.

How we use this information?

We guarantee that your personal information is secure and won’t be used for any other reason other than what it was collected for. Statistical info is only used to access pages already visited, with the purpose of improving the content on our own website.

Does anyone have access to your information?

Your information is shared only with those organisations who need it as part of working a long side us in our standard business practises. This would be the only example of a situation where we would share the information. We will never reveal or exchange your personal information to other companies for their database or mailing list.

Future Variations

If our regulations or practices alter at any point in the future, we will ensure we contact you or post any updates on our website. You will have the option to opt out for any new policies if you see fit. Continue to check our website periodically and if you have any concerns about how your data is being used get in touch with us to have it resolved.


If you require the information we have on file, we can access it upon your request. If any of the information is inaccurate, or you would like us to remove any of it then this can be done at your request. At any point in the future you feel Crystal Content is violating the privacy policy then contact us immediately.