The New Google Search Console is Live

Over the past few months, Google have been rolling out their new search console to select accounts. This update to the analytical tool is now available to everyone using Analytics and there are some major changes to the interface.

What is Search Console?

Search console was once called webmaster tools, but a few years ago its name was changed to make it even more accessible to users. It’s an additional part of your Google Analytics which means you can see more about how users are finding you in search.

This tells you the position that you’re in for certain keywords and also the most valuable keywords for your site. This builds on the data you already have through Analytics and is great for SEO work.

What’s New?

After a period of consultation with users Google are now ready to share their new search console platform. They updated the platform then allowed a small amount of users to try it out and submit their feedback. Then, they’ve changed things all over again based on this before rolling it out to everyone else.

Part of these are just simple UX changes, like unifying errors and coverage so users don’t get the same errors more than once. These may seem like small changes but they’ll make a massive change to users that are checking in with the service often.

Other Changes to Google Tools

This isn’t the only tool from Google that’s changing, as they’ve already spruced up AdWords with a new interface too. This means that other services may be modernised too as time goes on. It’s clear to see that Google are playing by their own rules when it comes to UX and making sure that their products are user friendly.

This is a massive change Google’s interface as they attempt to make sure everyone feels able to use their tools, not just the tech savvy. In the past, webmaster tools and AdWords were criticised for being too complex and difficult for the average user to understand. With auxiliary tools like tag manager making things even easier for their users, they’re making big steps.

If you want to work with a marketing agency that can implement and show you how to use these tools, then get in touch with us. We’re happy to show you how to get the most from your site, whether you want additional information through search console or a helping hand getting everything set up.

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