5 Reasons To Make Sure You have a Mobile Optimised Website

There are countless reasons to have a mobile optimised website for your business, and while we could easily write 100 reasons, we have decided to outline just 5 of the most important ones that you should consider.


  1. Everyone is on Mobile.

This is a simple fact and mobile searches have finally overtaken traditional desktop searches. Scary right? Smartphone users can no longer be considered as exceptions with over 1.2 billion people accessing the web from their mobile devices. We found that 80% of all internet users have access to a smartphone suggesting that if they are online, then they are most likely using their mobile devices.


  1. Mobile Users Behave Differently.

This is one of the biggest reasons you need to incorporate a mobile optimised website into your business and that’s because mobile users behave differently to desktop users. Simple matter of fact. What we found is that mobile users consume mobile data differently to the way they would consumer traditional desktop data.

Due to mobile screens being generally smaller, visual media is consumed at a higher rate. Examples would be the success of social media platforms Vine and Instagram as they deal primarily with images and video. To harness the power of these media types, mobile optimised sites are the key!


  1. Mobile purchases are quite often impulse buys.

We found that mobile users generally spend more per purchase than traditional desktop customers. This is huge for a marketer. Think about your own mobile purchases. Cinema tickets, booking a train or even buying some shoes you saw in a shop window.  These are all examples of impulse buying that we exhibit every single day from our mobile phones.


  1. Conversion Rate.

This is pretty simple to get your head around. Desktop sites can be cluttered and ineffective at directing potential customers towards calls to action. Mobile optimised sites do not have the same issue, with mobile users usually having little patience for a site that does not direct them to the correct calls to action (CTAs) effectively.

What we found interesting is that a third of shoppers will actively leave a transaction if the site is not optimised for mobile use so if a customer is having difficulty entering their shipping or payment details, they are not going to stick around on your site for long!


  1. Everyone wants more traffic.

We discussed a couple months back about how Google’s Hummingbird update would affect mobile searches with the change resulting in non-optimised sites falling down the ranks of the search engine. The algorithm essentially punishes sites that fail to meet the minimum criteria for mobile friendliness.

Essentially, mobile optimised web design will better equip your site to rise up Google’s ranks. The higher you are, the more organic traffic you will drive and we have yet to meet a client that isn’t interested in directing more traffic to their site.


So there you have it, 5 amazing reasons why mobile optimisation is more important than ever. If we could sum it all up we would say that a mobile optimised website will convert potential customers into buying your products and services, it really is that simple. Get optimised people.

If you are want to check if your site is optimised or are simply looking to have one built from scratch, then Crystal Content can help. Get in touch now and we will offer you an SEO audit of your current site absolutely free! Give us a call or message us on social media.



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