Massive Fine handed down to 888 Group

It seems like the 888 Group are in hot water this week, after being hit with a fine for a massive £7.8 million. They’ve been under investigation by the Gambling Commission, now they’ve been found to be in breach of customer protection guidelines.

A Breach of Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is a hot button issue at the moment, as the industry struggles to create a safe and enjoyable place to play. The problem with 888 is that they have allowed more than 7,000 people to bet after they’ve chosen to self-exclude. After a self-exclusion, a user should not be allowed to access their account or deposit any extra money.

Self-exclusion is generally a step that’s taken by those that have identified a gambling problem and wish to take a break from it. By allowing these users to get back online, the 888 Group have shown that they don’t have an effective process in place. This is a serious flaw for the group and one that puts their commitment to responsible gambling under suspicion.

Part of the investigation also found that one player was able to spend £1.3 million on the site, before any checks were made. Large sums of money being gambled should automatically lead to a check on the player’s account and potential banning if they appear to have a problem. This gambler in particular went on to embezzle £55 thousand to fuel their habit.

Changes to Regulation

The 888 Group have fallen foul of this legislation and these regulations are just getting stricter. If the industry wishes to survive in this complex time then they must adhere to these restrictions. This seems to be a case of the Gambling Commission making something of an example of 888, as a warning to other operators. This is just one of the operators that have fallen foul of the Gambling Commission, though others will no doubt follow.

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