Google News to Receive Update

It’s hard to imagine that Google News is now fifteen years old. Over the years, this function has seen a number of changes and redesigns but the last major update was in 2010 but finally, Google has decided that now is the time for a major update. The Google News update is set to make the platform more accessible as well as add a number of new features. At Crystal Content, we use Google news frequently and are looking forward to seeing what this update brings so what exactly can you expect from Google’s latest update?


Google News Update Explained

The update is set to completely overhaul the Google News function with the overall aim of adding content depth while simplifying the layout and navigation. The redesign is all about engagement and to connect users with more quality journalism. It reminds us slightly of Facebook’s recent newsfeed update which you can read about here. However, with Google News, the company wants to add more facts with different perspectives and contexts. Basically, Google News is going to be simpler to use but also have more depth.

You might have noticed that the current Google News interface is very link-heavy. The new setup will be easier to scan visually with clearer personalisation and navigation and it will make more use of video as well which will be more prominent throughout the Google News update. The top of the new page will be categorised with new tabs appearing labelled “For You”, “Headlines” and “Local.” The local news section is where Google will be focussing much of their attention and you will be able to personalise this tab.


A Customisable Experience

Another new addition that will appear with the Google News Update is the new “story cards” feature. There will be a variety of perspectives on a number of topics and to Google is also going to implement directional tags for this feature too. What these will do is check the quality of the content by using tags such as Fact Check, Local Source and Opinion. Users will also be able to click on “Full Coverage” for additional sources. The Fact Check label is particularly interesting and seems to be Google’s answer to the whole “Fake News” debate that is so prominent in the media at the moment.

With Apple News going from strength to strength and with Facebook’s recent News Feed update, it would seem that Google had little choice but to follow suit. When you compare the old Google News with the latter you could argue it was slightly outdated so this update is a welcome development overall. Overall, the Google News Update will bring more context and depth while also making the product more visually appealing. That sounds good to us and we can’t wait to check it out.

The update will fist occur for desktop but then will “roll out” onto most mobile devices. Only time will tell whether it is a success or not.

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