Google Hire Launches to Provide Recruitment Solutions

It seems that Google have a specialist tool for just about everything on the internet. Google Hire is their latest platform, which has been built to connect recruiters and businesses with candidates. Whether Google Hire will prove to be an effective replacement for LinkedIn Ads and networking remains to be seen so far.

About Google Hire

Google Hire has been initially rolled out in the US so far, so it’s not available to UK businesses as of yet. With trials taking place with the software in its first run overseas, the finished version that we get should be of a higher quality. The basic principle is simple, the employer posts the job and then it is distributed throughout the network of interested candidates.

No doubt there will be some kind of paid sponsorship option for those that want to widen their reach on the platform. The likelihood is that the targeting will be based on activity from existing Google Accounts, as the search engine will already have some understanding of the user. Of course, this means that users should be careful with which accounts they use for Google Hire and other Google products.

Will it Beat LinkedIn?

There are a couple of specific advantages that LinkedIn has over Google Hire, aside from the fact it’s already live. LinkedIn is a professional network, on which people keep only their professional opinions – or at least they should. This network also has the advantage that it’s better known around the world and attracts so many users.

Google has a lot of resources to allocate to Google Hire, but this was the same in the case of Google Plus, which was a bit of a failure to say the least. If you need any help navigating the digital world to find new recruits for your business, then give us a call or pop us an email.

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