Google Celebrates its 19th Birthday!

Everyone’s favourite search engine has just celebrated its 19th birthday and the company is certainly unrecognisable from when it first went online back in September 1998. The evolution of Google is one of exponential growth over the last 19 years and the former garage start-up has certainly grown to become one of the most powerful enterprises in the industry today. We thought we would take a look at how Google has evolved over time to become the market leader that it is today.


The Profound Impact of Google

You only have to consider the fact that the company name is now a verb (Google it) to truly understand the impact that it has had on modern culture. Indeed, it is hard to think of a time when we didn’t have access to the search engine whenever we needed the answer to a simple question. By the year 2000, there were 18 million people using Google to search for information every single day.

From a marketing perspective, the year 2000 was also significant as it was when the company first began to sell AdWords with the aim of providing an advertising platform for businesses that was not too intrusive for the user. Another key development was in 2002 when the Google News platform was first released to the public with the company then raising $4.2 billion through its second stock offering in 2005.


Diversification of the Company

Soon enough Google Maps, iGoogle and Google Earth were the latest products and services on the market with Google purchasing video giant YouTube in 2006. From this point, the strength of the company really grew it an incredible rate with further developments including the email platform Gmail being made available in early 2007 with the web browser Chrome making its first appearance in 2008.

The evolution of Google didn’t stop there however with the mobile operating system Android enjoying its initial release in September 2008. The operating system has since gone onto become a household name and it is the only real competitor to the Apple’s iOS. The success of the OS further led to the development of the company’s very first smartphone which was called the Nexus One.


Looking to the Future

What’s next for Google? This is a difficult question to answer entirely but there are projects in the pipeline that seem to indicate that Google has it all figured out and the evolution of Google is not set to slow down anytime soon. Voice recognition technology seems to be a key focus of the company at the moment but there are several key areas where we feel that Google will focus their attention in 2017 and beyond.

Robotics is the one that stands out most with the company currently trying to develop “robots with personalities.” Whether this comes to fruition or not is very much up for debate. Self-driving cars have also been talked about over the last couple of years as well as has space exploration! It certainly is looking brighter than ever for the company and it will be interesting to see what developments have occurred come its 25th birthday.

As for now, we’ll raise our glass and say happy birthday to Google, here’s to many more!

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