Google Algorithm Penalises Intrusive Web Design

A recent change to the Google algorithm means that sites will be penalised for intrusive design factors. They’re aiming to improve the experience of their mobile users with penalties for poor design. Stick with us to learn what this means for your site.

The biggest penalty that will be enforced with this Google algorithm update is against pop ups. We all know how annoying it is to be accessing sites through a mobile device only to have the content blocked by pop ups. Sites that go about pestering their users with these ads will be ranked lower than those that don’t.

The Google algorithm has become more sophisticated in this regard too, as it can distinguish the ads from the necessity. If the pop up is to verify the age of the user, to allow them to consent to their cookie policy or is non obtrusive then the site will not be penalised. Theses pop ups aren’t their target as many constitute legal obligations, the Google algorithm will instead look for pop ups that get in the way of the content.

Will This Google Algorithm Update Mean the End of Pop Ups?

While we can’t say if this will lead to the end of these pop ups, it should significantly impact whether sites with them make it to the top of the rankings and the cost of their PPC advertisements. Users will most likely appreciate this as it means if they’re looking for trending topics or news, the sites they are suggested will have ads that don’t block the story itself. The Google algorithm is generally updated to improve the user experience and fewer pop ups will certainly do that.

If you’re not sure of how to get your site ranking better on this search engine then feel free to get in touch. We’re SEO specialists and always have our fingers on the pulse regarding the latest Google algorithm updates.

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