How to get more for your Money with PPC Advertising

PPC advertising can be a massively useful tool for businesses to draw new traffic to their site. The PPC advertising cost can vary a lot, two different sites paying for the same keyword won’t necessarily pay the same amount. Here are our top tops to make your money last with PPC advertising:

Look at the Quality Score

Google make their money by sending users to the right site with the right intention. They want to make sure they’re not suggesting a lot of sites at the top of the page that aren’t relevant or high quality. These two factors, as well as some others, are factored into the quality score, which then influences how much you pay per click.

PPC is run on a bidding system, you may bid less than a competitor but still appear above them in the advertising space if your content is more relevant and your site is better for the user.

Make it Easy for them to Convert

So you’re paying money to get these users to your site, but are they converting? If you don’t have a clear path for them to follow then they most likely won’t be. Data capture methods, like a contact form, will allow your user to quickly give you their information. Similarly, if you have an ecommerce site then you should make the checkout process easy and secure, or you may be wasting money on getting users there but without having them convert.

Use Remarketing

With a lower average cost per click, remarketing allows you to remind users that have already been on your site to come back again. It acts as a reminder to them that you’re still around and perhaps that product that they were looking at merits another look. These users are warm and ready to buy, with a little nudge from remarketing they’ll come back for more.

If you’re looking into PPC advertising and need a bit of help, then contact us. We’ll be thrilled to hear from you and can’t wait to help you improve your campaigns for greater success!

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