How to Get Facebook Likes Absolutely Free!

Starting a new business Facebook page can be stressful especially at the beginning when you are trying to establish your page by encouraging ordinary people to hit that like button! Unless you have a substantial advertising budget purchasing Facebook likes simply isn’t as useful as it used to be for several reasons.

However, there is still value in having a large number of likes on your page and despite organic reach not being as powerful a marketing tool anymore, a high number of likes gives your brand credibility and acts as a form of social proof of the legitimacy of your product or service so how would you react if we told you that we can help you get more likes for your page absolutely free?


Introducing the “Invite” Button

You might be thinking that you have used the Invite Button before but this is a different feature to the one used to “invite friends to like this page”. Instead, we are looking at the considerably less prolific Invite feature which allows you to try and reach a much bigger audience beyond those who have already liked your page. That’s right, this handy little tool could just provide the free Facebook likes boost that you are seeking so how exactly does it work?

What we have found while researching this feature is that not every Facebook account has access to it which seems a little strange. It’s possible that the feature is still very much in its beta stage and Facebook has recently been rolling out updates without really promoting them to the public. You can check out our previous blog posts for more info on this but there is an easy way to check to see if you have access to the feature.


Free Facebook Likes

All you have to do is go to your Facebook page and click on the people who have engaged with your post. Doing so will allow you to see three types of button:

  • Invite – This is the button that we are referring to. Clicking this will invite the person that engaged with your post to like your page!
  • Liked – These are individuals who have liked your page already.
  • Invited – These are the people that you have already sent an invitation to but they haven’t yet accepted.

The only real limitation is the number of invitations that you can send per day which seems to vary between pages. Some users have reported that they can invite up to 500 whereas others claimed they managed to send out 1000 invitations. Once you hit the limit Facebook will inform you. Other issues that have been reported are the invite button.


Does it Work?

There seems to be a general consensus among those that have used the feature that the acceptance rate is around 15-20% which for no financial outlay is incredibly high. It makes sense due to the fact that you are reaching out to those who have shown an interest in your page and as far as free Facebook likes go, this is as close as you’ll get in the current climate in our opinion.

To us, it’s a neat little feature that hasn’t really been discovered by too many business pages yet so our advice would be to make hay while the sun shines! We’re really interested to know how well the Invite Button works for other businesses so feel free to drop us a message with your own results. Good luck!

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