Facebook Launches Cover Videos Feature

We’ve seen a lot of major updates to the Facebook platform over the last couple of months with many new changes now beginning to take leave their mark on the social media industry. Some of these include the linking of Facebook ads to other social media platforms such as Instagram and a recent newsfeed update to help combat fake news. With so much going on with the social media giant, you could be forgiven for overlooking some of their less publicised updates.

Indeed, you may or may not have heard about the plans to introduce Facebook Cover Videos. These are in the late stages of development and will be released fairly soon and will be gradually rolled out and made available to more and more accounts over the coming weeks. Facebook’s modern strategy is all about engagement and the social media site has been making real efforts to offer users new ways to engage with each other both on a personal and business level.


Facebook Cover Videos Explained

Yet again, the company is rolling out an update to refresh and rejuvenate both individual and business Facebook pages. Facebook Cover Videos will soon be available and you will be able to turn your static cover photo into an interactive cover video. You only have to look at the recent addition of the story feature to understand just how much Facebook is now focussing on video content. It would appear that the development of the cover videos is the next stage in this process.

These days, the social media landscape is dominated by video and this is how people prefer to consume content in the modern age. Other functions such as Facebook Live and video ads are also proving to be effective tools for both individual accounts and business accounts. With regards to Facebook Cover Videos, the company is keeping its cards close to its chest and has not told us much about how these videos will actually work. Some select pages have already been selected for the videos with Netflix probably being the most prolific.


How We Expect them to Work

Uploading Facebook Cover Videos will be a fairly straightforward process. You will simply upload the video in the same way that you upload a cover photo. The suggested dimensions will be very similar to the current format to that of a cover photo. Currently, we expect Facebook to suggest dimensions that are 820 X 312 pixels. The cover video must be at least 20 seconds long and the maximum length that they can be is 90 seconds. Additionally, they will be able to loop in any way that the user sees fit.

The video will have auto-play support so will begin when someone visits your page. There will also be the option to mute or unmute the video as well. As far as we can tell, the videos will be pre-set to be on the mute setting so you’ll need to turn the sound on most of the time. Facebook hasn’t given any specific timeframe for the new feature but we definitely think it will be a lengthy roll out. The feature has come a bit out of the blue so we’ll be keeping an eye out to see how it progresses so be sure to check our blog regularly!

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