Instagram Adverts to Link up to Facebook Messenger Accounts

A recent tactic for the clever folks over at Facebook has been to find new ways to connect each of the company’s main brands – Facebook, Instagram & Messenger – to one and other. This has led to new info surfacing on the company’s plans for allowing ads to be purchased from Facebook and shared across some of the other brands. Facebook wants their brands to complement each other so how exactly will these changes affect your digital marketing efforts?

Changes to Facebook Ads

Basically, ads purchased from Facebook will now be able to be shared across other platforms. For example, certain links will now be able to be shared across video, photo and carousel ads on Instagram and referral codes are about to be offered on certain messaging threads on the Messenger platform. The move follows Facebook’s efforts to further commercialise both Instagram and Messenger and follows up on last year’s release of Instagram business profiles and commerce chatbots on Messenger.

These days, Instagram is a powerful tool for brands to find an audience and build relationships with people within that audience and Instagram ads are becoming a popular way to achieve this. Messenger, on the other hand, can convert an audience into a customer and helps manage relationships with those customers using software such as chatbots. Indeed, many marketers are beginning to consider Messenger as a viable alternative to traditional email marketing.

Primary Benefits

Once a brand has commenced a conversation with a person over Messenger that conversation can continue over time, with sponsored messages and notifications being more effective than a traditional promotional email that can get lost in a person’s inbox. Additionally, a person who does respond to a messenger ad can still be contacted through Messenger even if they do not decide to purchase a product or service.

Overall, the Messenger tool can help to reduce the gap between the interest of a product on Facebook or Instagram to physically buying that product on an e-commerce website. Both Instagram ads and Facebook ads can be tailored to fit Messenger’s referral codes to help stimulate a specific type of conversation. An example could be a health & beauty company could link a Messenger thread to specific details of that product and its health benefits for the customer or to a video on how to correctly apply the product.

Advertisers can already add links to their own Messenger account using Instagram ads but with the new Facebook ads option about to roll out, there will be a couple of changes. For Facebook, clicking on the ad will open the Messenger app on the consumer’s mobile device (if they have the app installed) and advertisers who have bought Facebook ads will be able to use Messenger-specific tools to measure performance and engage with these potential new customers effectively.

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