BoxBets Launches Dedicated Affiliate Portal

The sports betting affiliate world is incredibly crowded and this can make it difficult to stand out. The founder of BoxBets, Mark Wilson Smith has successfully created a dedicated affiliate portal that caters to the needs of boxing fans.

In Depth News and Analysis

The portal itself has a lot of in depth news and analysis, which will delight hardcore boxing fans. This site also features the latest odds from a range of sportsbooks, allowing users to take their pick. They provide these on a match by match basis, so it’s easy for their readers to compare where they want to bet.

They cover all of the major boxing clashes, as well as the upcoming rumours in the industry too. This gives their readers an in depth insight into the world of boxing, which can also help to influence how they bet too. With all of this dedicated information in one place, it’s easy to see why their users want to get in on their odds.

A Niche Approach

While general affiliate portals can appeal to the masses, this niche approach is one that works well for many brands. By appearing as the experts, BoxBets is able to better create a trust flow with their users, directing them to partners that really offer the best odds. With so many affiliates striving to create this kind of relationship with their users, this is one affiliate portal that may just have cracked it.

With the affiliate space becoming ever more competitive, this kind of innovative thinking will definitely help this brand to stand out. This is essential for affiliates that want to survive long term, as they have to offer something different in order to funnel users to their partners. If you want to check out BoxBets for yourself then head over to

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