The Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

As a content marketing agency, we appreciate more than most the effects of blogging and the beneficial impact that this can have on your business. Blogging benefits vary massively but these days, having a blog is critical to your business for a number of reasons. Generic and bland posts are ineffective in the modern age, which is why a strategy that focuses on engagement is crucial to your blog’s success but why exactly should you blog in the first place?

A well-written article that is published on your site can have countless benefits and blogging helps draw online traffic, engages with customers, gives your brand a personality, stimulates interest and ultimately, increases demand for your products and services. Regular posts encourage a person to regularly visit your site, especially if the content is entertaining and of a high-quality and naturally, with higher traffic on your site, the higher the chance that readers will consider purchasing your product or service.


Google Loves Blogs!

Blogging benefits include much more than just an increase in web traffic. Recent figured have revealed that websites that blog have an average of 434% more pages indexed by Google. These days, Google’s algorithm is so clever that it can detect a quality piece of content and will subsequently index this post on its rankings. Basically, this means that the more you blog, the more indexed your website will become meaning that your site will have higher visibility meaning that people can find you more easily online.

A good blog can act as an attractive portfolio of the services or products that you offer. A lot of companies have to prove that they have succeeded in the past to attract new customers and a blog is an effective tool for communicating your past successes. Being able to promote the benefits and features of your product or service can help communicate the value of your product or service. Some examples might be tradesmen, personal trainers or graphics designers. A few high-quality photos in addition to your post and you’re good to go!



Retain Old Posts

You might be surprised that you continue to generate leads from a blog piece that you posted months ago. An old post can continue to prove to be a great source of leads if the keyword research is conducted carefully. Of course, it is still important to publish new posts regularly to keep your momentum going and your readers engaged. Older blog posts can gain authority over time and lead to further rankings that will continue to drive organic traffic.

You can even update these posts with new information and sometimes all it takes is a few quick tweaks for the post to retain its usefulness and drive forward new leads. It is clear that blogging is beneficial no matter what industry you are and no matter what stage of the purchasing process your target market is currently situated at. If you are to take anything away from this article it is that blogging benefits vary hugely but ultimately, blogging will help you attract leads as well as capture and engage with customers. Good luck!

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